What is church@lerts?

church@lerts is a service designed to give churches a high-quality text message alert system for much less than traditional alert systems. The text messages are free for your members (their carriers' standard SMS rates apply).

How does church@lerts work?

When you sign up for church@lerts, you get access to an embed code or link that you can put on your own website. Your members sign up using that form, or you can sign them up manually. You then log in to your account and can send messages and manage users.

Why choose church@lerts?

church@lerts offers the best alert service tailored specifically to churches. We offer excellent prices because we want to help you spread the Word.

Learn more.

Read more about church@lerts, check out our pricing plans, or catch up with the latest developments at our blog. If you can't find what you're looking for there, be sure to contact us.