The church@lerts Website

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Welcome to the brand new church@lerts blog! We'll keep you updated with the latest news, features, and events right here.

For the first post I thought it would be appropriate to welcome you to our brand new site. We're still working things out, but this is the general look and feel of both our site and our brand; we want things to be consistent and simple. Our branding also reflects how beautiful something simple can be, just like the church@lerts service itself.

Our site now features the home page where we give a brief overview of church@lerts, the about page where we go a bit more in depth, the pricing page where we cover our available plans and pricing, this blog, and the contact page where people who are interested in the service may contact us.

We hope this site can help people get a feel for what church@lerts is and how it can help their church. We are excited to be working on this great service and can't wait to get it to you! Stay tuned for some screen shots and maybe even a video demo of the service in action in the next couple of weeks.