How our plans work

We offer five main plans that offer different amounts of groups and alerts sent per month. Each plan's price depends on the number of users you have, so be sure to pick the right number! Of course you can change your plan down the road if you are close to going over your limit. We can also build custom plans for unique cases.

Closings & Emergencies Plan

The simplest plan designed with weather-related closings, delays, and other emergencies in mind. Send up to 5 pre-written emergency alerts per month for only $xx.xx/month or $xx.xx/year.

Basic Plan

The very affordable Basic Plan allows your members to sign up for either or both of 2 groups. Send up to 10 alerts per month for only $xx.xx/month or $xx.xx/year.

Plus Plan

Our Plus Plan allows for up to 5 group lists and 31 alerts per month. For $xx.xx/month or just $xx.xx/year, it's great for daily alerts!

Premium Plan

The Premium Plan is perfect for churches with multiple small groups. This plan covers up to 15 group lists and 60 alerts per month for $xx.xx/month or $xx.xx/year.

Unlimited Plan

Why limit the amount of alerts your church can send? The Unlimited Plan offers unlimited alerts to up to 25 group lists for just $xx.xx/month or $xx.xx/year.

Build-your-own Plan

While we've tried to cover every scenario, sometimes the plan you need is one that's tailored specifically to your church. Contact us to let us help you choose or build the perfect plan for your church.